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How do you clean protective masks?

According to the decision of the Prime Ministers’ Conference on January 19, masks of the FFP2 standard (also KN95 and N95 protective masks) or surgical masks must be worn when shopping and on public transport. Additional regulations apply in many federal states – in most cases it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask or a comparable protective mask in public areas. The FFP2 masks are significantly more expensive than classic surgical masks. So it’s no wonder that so many people are wondering whether the FFP2 models can be reused.

Reuse of FFP2 masks. What should be considered?

To save their costs, many people want to use their FFP2 masks for as long as possible. According to a study by the Münster University of Applied Sciences, there are three methods of disinfection that can be used to extend the life of FFP2 protective masks. Unfortunately, the methods do not offer 100% protection against infection from contaminants.

FFP2 protective masks are also disposable products. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to extend your lifespan or simply discard each mask after each use. Important: any material change after cleaning protective masks means that they must be disposed of.

Methods for disinfecting FFP2 masks

How to Clean FFP2 masks? According to the Münster University of Applied Sciences, you have three options for disinfecting your FFP2 protective masks in private areas:

  1. Let protective masks dry at room temperature – the researchers at Münster University of Applied Sciences are of the opinion that a set of 7 FFP2 masks can be used in the private sphere. A protective mask for every day of the week. After the change, the previously used masks should be left to dry contactless. The masks can be worn again after seven days because the pathogen load is significantly reduced. Important: the masks must not be hung directly over a heat source. This is how you can disinfect your masks five times;
  2. Boil face masks in freezer bag – boil water in a saucepan and add face mask in a heatproof freezer bag. The bag must of course be closed. Cover the pot with a lid; you should boil the mask for about 10 minutes. After cooking, you need to check that the mask fits properly. This disinfection method can be repeated three times;
  3. Dry protective masks in the oven – first you should air dry your masks for a day (or more). You can then dry them in the oven. The researchers at Münster University of Applied Sciences recommend 80 °C for bottom and top heat. The masks should remain in the oven for 60 minutes. This is how you can disinfect your protective masks five times. However, the method is not suitable for dimensionally stable masks and models with breathing valves.

How not to clean FFP2 protective masks under any circumstances?

You should be careful when cleaning the protective masks. You are not allowed:

  • Put the masks directly into boiling water;
  • wash the FFP2 masks in the washing machine;
  • heat the masks in the microwave;
  • Use commercially available disinfectants – this can impair the filter performance of the masks.

How do you clean protective masks? You already know an answer to this question. But do not forget that cleaning can be repeated only 3-5 times. It would therefore be advisable to store protective masks at home. In our online shop you will find both classic medical masks and FFP2 masks, which are characterized by their excellent breathability. These are FDA-approved masks that block 95.99% of bacteria, viruses, dust, etc.

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