Hygiene Masks

Why do you need a surgical mask – even at home?
Surgical masks are a medical tool that helps fight the spread of viruses and bacteria through drips. You can be much safer with surgical masks. When a person coughs, they sneeze droplets of secretion and water vapor escapes from the mouth and nose up to two meters away. In the age of COVID-19 -Pandemic, wearing a hygienic mask is mandatory to protect ourselves and others from infection. Masks worn and put on correctly create a barrier to secretions and water vapor, which significantly reduces the risk of infection of healthy people around the sick person. Such an accessory will also be useful during the flu season, when the viruses spread quickly and people’s susceptibility to the disease is higher than in the summer.

What should we buy hygiene masks?
COVID 19 makes us all wear masks today. The product sanitary masks is therefore our daily need as soon as we leave the house, for this reason the surgical masks should be of really good quality. It is worth noting that each of us can buy disposable or reusable masks. Disposable surgical masks are intended for use by medical personnel and in beauty salons. The 3-layer anti-drop protection is popular with customers. These products have to meet certain standards, especially when used in hospitals and catering areas. Protective masks have antiviral properties and are made from skin-friendly materials. The product is additionally provided with a gentle stiffening over the top of the protective mask. The use of a hygiene mask and Disinfectants for hands increase your safety!

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