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Hygiene in the kitchen: disposable gloves for cooking

Disposable gloves are popular not only in the food industry, but also in gastronomy. No wonder! High-quality disposable gloves protect the wearer and prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria. Thanks to the gloves, hygiene in the kitchen can be maintained at the highest level.

When are disposable gloves useful in the kitchen?

As mentioned, disposable gloves protect against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. However, there is another important argument for wearing gloves in the restaurant. In most cases, guests associate disposable gloves with a high standard of hygiene. For this reason, disposable gloves are used in many restaurants and food establishments – this is how the hygiene awareness of the staff is conveyed to the guests.

Wearing durable disposable gloves in the kitchen is recommended in the following cases:

  • when processing strong-smelling products, e.g. garlic, onions, fish;
  • if you eat strongly coloring foods e.g. B. beetroot or turmeric;
  • if you want to protect your hands from aggressive liquids;
  • if the chef has injured hands, the disposable gloves prevent bacteria from entering the wound.

hygiene in the kitchen

Use disposable gloves correctly in gastronomy

For disposable cooking gloves to fulfill their role, they must be used correctly. So that hygiene when cooking can be maintained, the chef should change the disposable gloves regularly. It is advisable to replace them after every change of product or activity. For example, if the chef is cutting meat and then fruit, they should change their gloves to avoid spreading pathogens from the raw meat. Even if the staff in the restaurant wears disposable gloves, washing your hands regularly is a must. Before putting on the gloves, one must wash the hands in order not to contaminate the gloves. After taking off the gloves, your hands are sweaty. Therefore, they must be washed again so that no bacteria can multiply.

What disposable gloves are there?

In order to maintain hygiene when cooking, you should use food-safe, durable disposable gloves. Disposable gloves made of different materials are now available. Which disposable kitchen gloves are the best choice? In the market you will find:

  • Vinyl gloves – these are inexpensive disposable gloves made of PVC, which unfortunately are not as elastic as e.g. B. are latex gloves. Vinyl gloves are only suitable for the preparation of non-fatty foods;
  • Latex gloves – Only unpowdered latex gloves may come into contact with food. The gloves are extremely elastic and offer a high level of comfort. Latex gloves can also only be used when handling non-fatty foods;
  • Nitrile gloves – the best disposable shoes for cooking. Nitrile is characterized by very good resistance to fats and oils. Nitrile gloves are very elastic. Since they contain no latex, they do not trigger any allergic reactions.

Cooking disposable gloves

Black nitrile gloves in gastronomy

Food grade nitrile gloves are manufactured in a variety of colors. However, most chefs use disposable black gloves when cooking. In most cases, the color of the gloves in the kitchen is just a matter of taste. Black nitrile gloves, which are the most popular, fulfill their protective function and at the same time look trendy. Nitrile gloves for gastronomy offer long-lasting comfort and are very tear-resistant. Since nitrile is resistant to chemicals, the gloves can also be worn for cleaning work in the kitchen.

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