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How to dispose of nitrile gloves?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, not only surgical and FFP2 masks, but also Disposable gloves worn to protect against viruses and bacteria. Practical nitrile gloves are among the most popular disposable gloves. No wonder! The gloves convey a natural sense of touch and do not cause allergies. Therefore they will e.g. B. also used in the chemical industry and in food processing. Skin-friendly, comfortable gloves made of nitrile are also approved for medical purposes. The gloves are worn in hospitals and nursing homes. Statistically, only one nurse wears around 50 pairs per shift!

Proper disposal of nitrile gloves is very important!

Many people wonder how to dispose of nitrile gloves. Both gloves and protective masks are often thrown in the yellow bin. Many do not know how to properly dispose of disposable nitrile gloves that are contaminated with viruses, germs, and sometimes chemicals.

First, one needs to clarify whether single-use nitrile gloves are reusable or constitute hazardous waste. To answer the question correctly, one can consult the European Waste Catalogue. According to the catalog, disposable gloves that have been used in the medical field are not dangerous. The gloves should first be collected in tight, moisture-proof containers, and then burned. Nitrile gloves, which are worn by private individuals to protect against viruses and germs, can be disposed of with the residual waste without any problems.

As mentioned, the practical nitrile gloves are also often used in the commercial sector. If the gloves do not come into contact with hazardous substances, they also belong to the residual waste.

Nitrile gloves that have been in contact with chemical substances

Hygienic protective gloves are often worn in the chemical industry. When the gloves come into contact with chemicals, oils, various substances hazardous to health, etc., they constitute hazardous waste. Consider how these nitrile gloves should be disposed of. It is important to be aware that that nitrile gloves that have been contaminated with chemical substances must be disposed of in accordance with separate environmental and disposal guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the municipal disposal regulations! You should certainly also take the manufacturer’s information into account.

Are nitrile gloves recycled?

Now you know how to disposeof nitrile gloves. Since this is waste that can be contaminated with germs and viruses, it should be bagged up separately before it is thrown away with the residual waste. Important: protective gloves are not recyclable. Why? The plastics used in the manufacture of disposable gloves are too special to be disposed of in the yellow bin or sack. They only make recycling plastic waste more difficult. Protective gloves are hygienic waste that is not recycled – therefore they should not be disposed of in recycling bins.

How are nitrile gloves disposed of in quarantined households?

Stricter hygiene regulations in times of Corona have led to a significant increase in the consumption of hygienic nitrile gloves. How should the gloves and protective masks be disposed of in quarantined households?

There is no denying that proper waste sorting is very important. However, for safety reasons, quarantined households should refrain from doing so. In households with quarantine, all waste should be packed in tear-resistant bags and then placed in the residual waste bin. In this way, the staff of disposal companies are also protected from Covid-19 infection.

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