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Why are most disposable gloves incinerated in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, strict regulations apply to waste disposal, including the disposal of medical waste such as disposable gloves. One common method of disposing of medical waste is incineration, which is considered a safe and effective method of destroying potentially infectious material.

Incinerators have two major advantages. First, the volume of waste generated is significantly reduced. This means that less space is needed at a landfill site. This space is limited in Switzerland due to its small size and high population density.

Secondly, incineration produces heat that can be used for heating and electricity generation.

A disadvantage is the costly cleaning of the flue gas, which contains many pollutants. Furthermore, incineration produces carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. As a rule, medical waste is incinerated in special plants that meet high safety and environmental protection standards. In Switzerland, these plants are equipped with modern filter systems that help minimise air pollution and other environmental impacts.

Overall, it can be said that waste incineration plants are a practical solution for the disposal of waste. They reduce the volume of waste and at the same time generate heat that can be used for energy production. Although incineration produces pollutants and greenhouse gases, modern filter systems are able to reduce the environmental impact. Incineration is also a cost-effective method of disposing of medical waste, as it allows for the complete destruction of potentially infectious materials, reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of disease.

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