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Vinyl gloves in detail: 10 important facts and unknown aspects

How much do you actually know about vinyl gloves? Many industries in Switzerland choose vinyl gloves because of the price. But they are more than just a cheaper version of disposable gloves. In this article, we’ll go over 10 important facts about vinyl gloves and help you better understand what kind of product they are.


1. Origin


Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund - NH Charitable Foundation


The humble vinyl glove was first brought to life in 1964 by its inventor, Neil Tillotson. Originally conceived as an inexpensive and disposable solution for countless industries – especially healthcare – vinyl gloves have since become a global standard, a testament to their effectiveness and versatility.


2. Material


At their core, vinyl gloves, like our MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL, are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a popular type of plastic. However, they are not rigid and brittle as you might imagine a plastic glove to be. A process known as softening gives these gloves their unique flexibility and softness, creating the perfect balance between robustness and comfort.


3. Latex free


An important fact about vinyl gloves is their lack of latex. With the rising incidence of latex allergies – from mild skin irritation to severe, potentially life-threatening reactions – vinyl gloves are a safe choice for both the wearers and those they come into contact with.


4. Allergy-free


Beyond their latex-free nature, vinyl gloves also minimise other allergy risks. Rubber accelerators, commonly found in certain types of gloves, are often responsible for glove-associated allergic contact dermatitis. However, vinyl gloves such as MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL do not contain these accelerators, which reduces the potential for allergic reactions.


5. Cost efficiency


A significant advantage of vinyl gloves is their affordability. While they may not offer the same durability as nitrile or latex gloves, they provide an exceptional balance between cost and performance, especially for short duration tasks. This cost effectiveness has made them a favourite in industries where frequent glove changes are required.


6. Antistatic properties


Antistatic properties are another interesting feature of vinyl gloves. For example, our MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL gloves are an excellent choice for industries where electrostatic discharge could cause problems – think sensitive electronic components and explosive chemicals. The anti-static properties of vinyl gloves ensure a safe working environment in these sensitive areas.


7. Versatility

Perhaps one of the most striking features of vinyl gloves is their sheer versatility. Across healthcare, food service, cleaning services and many other sectors, vinyl gloves are used to protect workers and ensure cleanliness. They are suitable for everything from patient examinations and food handling to cleaning and simple mechanical tasks.


8. Fit and comfort


When it comes to fit and comfort, vinyl gloves have a distinct advantage. They typically offer a looser fit compared to nitrile or latex gloves, which can be a big advantage for those who need to wear them for extended periods of time. The comfort factor ensures that hands remain free from fatigue and discomfort even after long hours of use.


9. Sustainability




In a world struggling with environmental issues, the sustainability of vinyl gloves is a notable point. Although vinyl gloves are designed to be thrown away, they are not destined for a life in landfill. Vinyl gloves, including our MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL, can be recycled, contributing to a circular economy.

It is important to note that vinyl gloves must be recycled correctly. There are special recycling programmes that can turn used vinyl gloves into raw materials for other PVC products, such as pipes, fencing and garden furniture. This process reduces waste and environmental impact, making vinyl gloves a more environmentally friendly choice than many of their disposable counterparts.


10. Different quality levels


Lastly, just like other types of gloves, vinyl gloves come in different quality levels – industrial, examination/medical and food service. Each grade has features tailored to specific applications, so you’ll always have the perfect glove for the task at hand.


Having explored the many features and benefits of vinyl gloves, it’s worth pausing for a moment to compare them to nitrile gloves. Both serve as excellent choices, but have unique attributes.


Nitrile gloves, like our MEDBRUN EXPERT NITRIL, are known for their excellent resistance to punctures and chemicals. This makes them the ideal choice for environments where potential hazards are greater, such as many healthcare and industrial sectors.


On the other hand, vinyl gloves, such as the MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL, offer a comfortable and cost-effective solution for lower-risk environments. Their advantage is that they are latex-free, pose fewer allergy risks and are suitable for a wider range of industries.


The decision between vinyl and nitrile gloves ultimately depends on your specific requirements. Whether it’s the comfort and versatility of MEDBRUN EXPERT VINYL or the tough and durable MEDBRUN EXPERT NITRIL, you can be sure that your hands will be well protected.


Here at MONUITE we understand that the right gloves can make a profound difference to your working day, ensuring not only safety but also comfort and efficiency. To explore our full product range and find the gloves that are perfect for your needs, why not contact our dedicated sales team today? They are standing by and look forward to helping you make the right choice. Give your hands the protection and comfort they deserve with MEDBRUN’s expertly crafted gloves.


Contact us today to find out more.

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