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How is innovation changing the glove industry?

Have you ever thought about the packaging of your gloves? Possibly not, but the glove industry has and it is turning out to be a prime example of innovation, sustainability and technology. Imagine diving into the world of glove packaging and seeing how this industry has made some amazing strides.

Waterproof wonders: the indestructible dispenser flow pack.

Remember the last time your gloves were damaged by moisture? With the innovative and patented Dispenser Flow Pack, this is a thing of the past. This waterproof dispenser pack protects your gloves from moisture while guaranteeing hygienic removal – always cuff first. This prevents cross-contamination, which is especially important in industries such as medicine, food processing and laboratories.


RACLAC - Indústria Produtos Descartáveis

Never again multiple gloves at the same time: The reliable Goodpac technology

Who hasn’t experienced it: you reach for a sheet of paper and suddenly dozens of sheets fall to the floor. Pure frustration! With the revolutionary Goodpac technology, this problem is a thing of the past. Imagine a pack where exactly one glove comes out every time – no overlapping, no multiple removals. Plus point: A digital quality system (DQS) checks every glove for quality. So you are always on the safe side!


Space-saving and sustainable: One box, 1000 gloves

Today, the demand for environmentally friendly solutions is greater than ever. This is where the third trend comes in: one box, 1000 gloves. This box, made of recycled and recyclable materials, allows you to take out 1000 gloves. Best of all, it offers two access options, so you can choose the preferred opening depending on the situation.


RACLAC - Indústria Produtos Descartáveis

The constant innovation in the glove packaging industry is an impressive example of how design and technology work together to provide us with more practical and sustainable solutions. These trends are more than just fads – they are a testament to how we constantly strive to meet the changing needs and demands in an increasingly complex world.

Our dedicated sales team is ready to answer all your questions and help you find the best glove packaging solutions for your business. Contact our sales team now.

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