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An in-depth look at biodegradable plastics: Their environmentally friendly alternatives

Biodegradable plastics are more than just an eco-friendly fad – they are a big step towards a greener future. Imagine a plastic that simply disappears after use, decomposed by natural processes instead of polluting the environment for hundreds of years. This is not wishful thinking, but the reality of biodegradable plastics.



There are mainly two types of such plastics: petroleum-based and bio-based. Petroleum-based biodegradable plastics contain additives that facilitate their degradation, but they still come from traditional fossil fuels. Biobased plastics, on the other hand, are made from renewable sources such as plant starch, cellulose or other organic materials.

But how does the degradation work? It is indeed a fascinating spectacle of nature. Microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, “eat” the plastic and break it down into smaller molecules. These molecules can then be consumed by other organisms or further degraded by natural processes. However, it is important to know that biodegradable plastics require specific environmental conditions for degradation. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the right conditions to achieve their effective degradation and maximum environmental benefits.

An illustrative example of the use of biodegradable plastics are the Medbrun Expert BIO gloves. They are made of biodegradable nitrile rubber, making them a prime example of how industrial products can be made more environmentally friendly.


Biodegradable plastics are a shining example of innovative and sustainable alternatives. Through their biodegradation, they help reduce the environmental impact of plastics and offer a promising alternative to traditional, long-lasting plastics. Their use in a wide range of industries, such as in our Medbrun Expert BIO gloves, helps us reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources and minimise our environmental footprint. It’s time we all took an active step towards a more sustainable future.

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